Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch

St. Clare’s offers a hot lunch program in which families can choose to participate. Before the beginning of each quarter, families are contacted to submit their hot lunch orders for the quarter. The hot lunch program allows families to order from different local restaurants that deliver to the school Monday through Thursday.

  • Monday: Pasta delivered from Marco’s
  • Tuesday: Sandwiches delivered from Smiling Moose
  • Wednesday: Pizza delivered from Marco’s
  • Thursday: Sandwiches delivered from Subway

To order hot lunch, visit: Please contact the school office for the St. Clare password.

On the first and third Friday of each month, a class raising funds for a field trip will sponsor a fundraiser lunch in which families can choose to participate. Examples of these fundraisers include hot dog lunches and walking taco lunches.

In addition, families may choose to order milk for their children. This is separate from the hot lunch program; families who choose to order milk do not need to participate in the hot lunch program.

Students choosing not to participate in the hot lunch program should bring their own lunch from home.