Mathew Steninger

Matthew Steninger

Mr. Matthew Steninger joined the St. Clare faculty in August 2019 as the 5th-8th grade Social Studies teacher and also assists with middle school reading intervention. Mr. Steninger has a great love for Social Studies. His passion for history began at a young age, with stories of his great-grandfathers’ immigration to Colorado in the 1870s. He graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in Distributed Studies with an emphasis in History and Social Science. The coursework for his teaching license was completed through Colorado Mountain College. He has worked in a few different positions since graduating. Originally from Denver, for nine years he has worked as a ski instructor in Summit County. Middle school students have been his favorite age group to teach and he particularly enjoys coordinating hands-on learning activities for them. Himself a Catholic, he appreciates St. Clare’s faith-based environment.