Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Quantitative & Qualitative Data

Quantitative Data
St. Clare students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills exam each winter and consistently score above grade level. 

As a school, in 2017-2018 the net total grade level equivalent (GE) points we gained was 3.3 with the most growth occurring in Middle School. While the baseline or expected score for eighth grade students is 8.5, St. Clare eighth graders had an average GE score of 11.5. The baseline score for seventh grade is 7.5 and St. Clare seventh graders had an average GE score of 9.3. The baseline score for sixth grade is 6.5 and St. Clare sixth graders had an average GE score of 7.4. The GE score represents what grade/month you would expect to find a student with a given score.

Congratulations to our St. Clare students and teachers for all of their hard work!

Qualitative Data
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