School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council is a ministry of the parish school. Its role is to promote participation in the ministry of Catholic education. The SAC consists of no more than nine members. These members are parents and one or two parishioners. The Pastor and the Principal are ex-officio members. There is a three-year term limit for SAC members. Duties of the SAC are as follows: to develop ownership and stability for the school, to offer financial advice, to help develop and defend policy, to serve as a good public relations source, to enable the Principal to spend adequate time as an educational leader, to provide parents/guardians with a voice in their child’s education, to encourage strategic planning. The SAC is responsible for assisting in planning, policy formation, finances, selection of Principal, and development, including public relations and marketing.

The SAC meets monthly. The president prepares the agenda in conjunction with the Principal and sends it out before the meeting. Parents wishing to have an item put on the agenda should contact the Principal.

The School Advisory Council does not function as a grievance board so members should not be contacted regarding your grievances. Discussions and gossip with persons who cannot resolve the issue are destructive to the Catholic school community, and are in direct conflict with the values being taught and modeled for the students.

Final decisions for all school policies rest with the Pastor. Implementation of these policies is the duty of the Principal.

We invite you to get involved! Your help really does make a difference!