Admissions Welcome

How will you know if St. Clare Catholic School is right for your family?

Some parents say they know the moment they walk through the doors and talk with our students, teachers and parents. Doors are held open, encouraging words are used and smiling faces are on full display. You notice the good feeling inside the school. St. Clare is a place where legacy, tradition and family are blended with compassionate, modern, real-world learning.

Other parents choose St. Clare after careful research – comparing all the schools on their list, talking with friends and drinking a lot of coffee at open houses.

Many times, the decision-making process involves all the above  There are a lot of schools to choose from in the Vail Valley. Selecting a school for your child is a big decision. After all, this will be the longest period in your family life that you will be involved in one school community.  

What is St. Clare’s role in your decision-making process? We are your partner. We will answer your questions. We will encourage you to spend time at St. Clare, talk with current parents, students and teachers. We will be clear about what we will provide you and your student. Plus we will articulate our family and student expectations and admissions process.

Most importantly, we will help you get to know us and why St. Clare is worth the investment.

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