Why Choose St. Clare?

 St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School, located in Edwards, Colorado, was founded in 2000 and has a community of 125 students. We are a small, close-knit, kindergarten-eighth grade school with one class per grade and small class sizes. We pride ourselves in rigorous academics which follow the Archdiocese of Denver Curriculum Standards. We embrace a challenging, safe, and nurturing environment that enriches the heart, mind, and soul for life. The values that we teach and practice are respect, responsibility, and reverence. Graduates from St. Clare are active in their faith, are positive philanthropic participants in our community, and ready to face all academic challenges they will encounter in their future.


Our Accomplishments

  • One way St. Clare measures the academic achievement of our students is through the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The IOWA test is a nationally normed standardized test and offers educators a diagnostic look at how their students are progressing in key academic areas. This differs from public schools in Colorado who use the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP), which is used to determine the level at which Colorado students meet Colorado standards, not national standards.
  • Results show that students at St. Clare perform an average of one and a half to two grade levels above student performance across the nation. This increases as students move from elementary school into middle school where student scores show ability at two and a half to three grade levels above average. 
  • St. Clare teachers do not teach to any specific test. This national perspective gives a much bigger picture of students’ performance and helps teachers to tailor lessons which will meet student learning needs.
  • St. Clare students go to Vail Christian High School (80%) as well as Battle Mountain High School, Eagle Valley High School and Vail Mountain School.
  • St. Clare graduates go on to many elite universities including Stanford, Harvard, Denver University, University of San Diego, Notre Dame, University of San Francisco, Northern Arizona University and Duke University.                                                                                                                                                                  

Academic Enhancements

Technology (K – 8): Smart boards are utilized in every classroom and students have daily access to iPads and MacBook Airs. Students use technology in a variety of ways. Examples include using programs to review basic skills, research writing, and creating presentations and iMovies. Teachers also help students learn internet etiquette and safety.

Specials – 2 times a week

  • Art: St. Clare promotes the natural creativity of children by allowing their artistic passions to flourish in the classroom. Our middle school art teacher, Sam Mizwicki, teaches a gifted and talented art program, to which our students may apply.
  • Music (K – 4): Students learn essential music skills and start playing the recorder in third grade.
  • Band (5 – 8): Our students begin band in 5th grade and learn to read music and play an instrument. Skills learned are displayed at our annual Christmas Pageant and Spring Concert.
  • Physical Education (K – 8) & Health (6 – 8): Students learn specific sports, play games, learn the benefits of physical fitness, and practice sportsmanship.

Reading Specialist: St. Clare employs a part time reading specialist who provides additional help for students to help increase fluency and comprehension.

Electives (6 – 8): Middle School students have the privilege of participating in 2 different electives during the school year. Electives are opportunities for our students to explore different interests such as cooking, art, volunteer work, iMovie, bridge building, drama and many more.

Buddy Program: Eighth graders are paired up with kindergarteners where they meet together each week to read and get to know each other. Seventh and sixth graders are also paired up with first and second graders.

Religion: St. Clare teaches the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to students K-6. Seventh and eighth grade students deepen their faith in daily religion classes as well. Second, third and eighth graders prepare for sacraments.

Teaching to the whole child

Choir (2-8): Students practice Mondays after school and sing at the school mass on Wednesday mornings. Any child who is willing to participate is invited to be part of the choir regardless of their singing ability.

All School Service Day/ Service Projects (K – 8): All classes will spend time giving their time and talent to various organizations.  

Christmas Pageant (K – 8): In early December, St. Clare students portray the birth of Jesus through acting, music, and singing and the choir and band showcase their talents.

Spring Concert (K – 8): Each spring the choir, band, and music classes put on a concert for their families where the students perform music and dance related to that year’s theme.

Spelling Bee (1– 8): A school wide spelling bee is held where the top performers advance to the county wide spelling bee.

Geography Bee (4-8): Students compete in the National Geography Bee and the top 4 students go on to compete with students from St. Stephens in Glenwood Springs.

Social Programs

“Second Step” (K-8):   Anti-Bullying program that promotes empathy and self-confidence by instilling social and emotional skills.

“Girl Genius” (6-8 girls) & “True Strength” (6-8 boys): Our middle school students learn about the inherent dignity of the human being. Both of these programs foster genuine friendships while students learn about the inherent dignity they have as people. Each child is encouraged to grow as they learn about virtues such as modesty, prudence, and self-control. The girls take a retreat each year to the Cabrini Shrine in Denver which St. Francis Cabrini founded.

Ski Days (K-8): The entire school participates in 2 consecutive days of Beaver Creek Ski School.  

Middle School Sports (6-8): St. Clare has an outstanding athletic program and is a member of the Peaks League which allows our students to compete against local middle schools in Eagle and Summit counties. Sports offered at St. Clare include football (boys), basketball (girls and boys), track (girls and boys), and volleyball (girls).

Field Day (K – 5): Students participate in a traditional Field Day each May where they complete in events such as the 50 yard dash and tug-of-war (among others) and show their school spirit.


Uniforms (K – 8): St. Clare students wear uniforms that consist of a white collared shirt with navy blue shorts or pants (k-5)/ Khaki shorts or pants (6-8) or a Columbia style plaid jumper, skirt or skort. Green sweaters (purchased through Dennis Uniform Company) are to be worn to mass and on field trips. Students( K-4) wear P.E. shirts (purple t-shirts with St. Clare logo) on days that they have P.E. Students( 5-8) change in to athletic-wear for P.E. See Parents Handbook for more detailed information. “Free Dress Days” are held once a month where students may be out of uniform.

Yearbook (K – 8): Students receive a yearbook at the end of the school year with color photos of their class and highlights from sports and other activities.

After School program (K – 8): After school care is available until 5:15pm each evening for an affordable rate.

Hot lunch: Students have the option to purchase lunch three days per week through our hot lunch program.

Thank you for your interest in St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School. If you would like more information or a guided tour of our school please do not hesitate to contact us!  (970) 926-8980  Ext. 1 or admin@stclareparish.com