Do you know how important healthy food is for your student to be successful in school? A healthy breakfast starts the day off with nutrition for their body and brain. A healthy snack and lunch fuels them through the rest of the day. Proper nutrition improves students’ cognition, concentration, and energy levels. What they eat contributes to growth and development, success in school and positive behavior.

Mental Health: Defined as emotional, psychological and social well-being. The ability to experience positive emotions, think clearly about life, relate to others in meaningful ways, and connect with a sense of hope and purpose. – The Sanctuary Course, 2022 by Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

There is often a stigma around mental health, and people feel uncomfortable talking about or acknowledging it. Mental health is as basic as physical health. We will be putting out a mental health tip each month. I hope to spark discussion within the home and at school. Positive emotions, clear thinking, relationships, connection and hope can all be fostered to optimize mental health. We invite to you to reach out to our school counselor, Mrs. Sarah Green with any questions or concerns –