When our kindergarteners run confidently into school each morning and walk out happily in the afternoon, we know we are doing our job well. We focus on instilling a sense of belonging where every student is cared for by their teachers and fellow class mates. Our kindergartners learn the joys and responsibilities of being part of the St. Clare community.

Our all-day kindergarten class is intentionally small so learning can be individualized. No two children learn in the same way or at the same pace. We surround our early learners with caring adults who believe early childhood is where the love of learning begins. We teach core subjects like language arts, math, science, social studies and religion while incorporating spiritual, social and emotional growth.

Your children benefit from time-proven tools like books, scissors, construction paper and glue as well as technology like iPads and interactive white boards to enhance classroom learning. We use progress monitoring to ensure our students are on track and can be challenged to move forward or given extra attention to reach their goals.

Kindergartners have special reading and writing buddies from our 8th grade class where they work on academics together as well as spend time with their buddies during special events like Catholic Schools week. They love seeing their buddy at school and have someone to look up to right away and know someone is looking out for them. Kindergartners attend our specials classes like art, music and physical education and attend all school mass on Wednesdays. Hot lunch and after school care are available for the entire school starting in kindergarten.

By the end of kindergarten at St. Clare, our children are ready to be passionate life-long learners and are fully prepared to continue the rigors of Catholic education.

Learn more about life in kindergarten at St. Clare by watching the following video, or click here for a sample schedule of a day in Kindergarten.

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