The curriculum at St. Clare is enriched through the inclusion of various specials classes.

Students in all grades at St. Clare have the opportunity to take art. Students may study a famous artist and their style of art and then make a project in the same style. Or, students may make an art project that helps them understand a concept they are studying in science or math. Students in the lower elementary school also have the opportunity to explore theater and dance through their art class. In fifth grade, students make an icon of a saint. In the middle school grades, students continue to develop fine arts skills.

Students at St. Clare have the opportunity to learn about the foundations of music theory, singing, and playing an instrument. K-4 students have music class twice a week. In 5th grade, students begin to learn an instrument in band and continue their development of learning that instrument in 6th grade. In 7th and 8th grade, students can choose whether to continue with their instrument or join choir.

The two highlights of the music program throughout the year are our Christmas Pageant and our Spring Concert. The Christmas pageant integrates drama in between the musical pieces to tell the story of the birth of Jesus.

Students can also be part of the Children’s Choir that sings at Wednesday school Masses. This choir practices Mondays after school.

Physical Education
All students in grades K-8 participate in Physical Education classes two days per week where students learn specific sports, play games, learn the benefits of physical fitness, and practice sportsmanship.

Students in grades 2-8 have the opportunity to begin to learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language. These classes provide students with the fun challenge of learning a new language and about another culture.