Elementary School

Our K-5th grade students have a special enthusiasm for school. They are excited about learning and have a can-do attitude. They start enjoying more independence as they go from early learning to an increasingly demanding academic schedule.

We embrace their eagerness to understand the world around them and nurture curious and confident young learners ready for the challenges of elementary school. We help them discover new ways to express themselves and further their critical thinking skills. We help them grow in knowledge, compassion and self-esteem.

We offer our elementary students differentiated instruction through whole-class, small group and one-on-one teaching. We create opportunities for project-based learning that teach our children to organize, plan and develop skills of collaboration. Our K-2 students also have the opportunity to become confident with older members of our school community through our reading buddies program. In this program, a middle school student works with their lower grade buddy on reading and writing once or twice a month. 

While there are opportunities for our whole school community to interact, there are also distinguishing features of our elementary school: 

  • K-5 students have cubbies in their classrooms for their belongings
  • K-5 students have lunch and recess together
  • K-5 students stay in their homeroom for most classes; for certain specials (e.g., art), the homeroom teacher leads them to the designated classroom

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