God has a plan for each person. At St. Clare, we have a vision to form disciples intellectually, spiritually, physically, and socially so that each of our graduates may hear God’s call in their life and have the needed abilities and skills to respond to that call in service to God and community.

Parents from all faiths choose St. Clare for reasons beyond small class size and challenging academics. They are looking for something more. They want their children to practice values in the classroom every day, not just at home.

At St. Clare, we recognize that all individuals are children of God. Through our relationship with God, we teach our students the importance of not only values but also character. St. Clare nurtures the connection between students’ minds and their hearts through compassion, concern for others, respect, reverence, responsibility, and service. Our small class sizes allow our caring faculty  to respond to the needs of each student with the desire that each student may become the person God created them to be. 

The spiritual formation of our children takes place in all aspects of school life: from the time the children arrive in the morning until they leave the building after the last activity of the day. We begin and end each day with prayer, and the daily expressions of faith that occur between these times of prayer foster charity and friendship in our students.