God calls each person to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him. At St. Clare, in addition to giving our students opportunities to come to know and love the the Lord through prayer, liturgy, and religion class, we also give them opportunities to serve Him. Some of these opportunities come through the small interactions with their classmates–lending a kind, caring ear to a classmate in need or inviting a shy student to play at recess or helping explain a concept in class to a friend.

Other times, the service involves a hands-on opportunity to give of themselves to others outside of the classroom. We work to instill in each of our students a lifelong desire and commitment to helping others, and all students participate in community service projects driven by local, national and international concerns. These projects vary from year to year and often correspond with the interests and/or curricula of individual grades.  Some of our service projects for 2017-2018 have included: 

  • School-wide canned food drives for local food pantries on our monthly free dress day.
  • Our K-5th grade students visited the Castle Peak Senior Center to visit with residents, read them stories, make a craft with them, and sing them songs. 
  • 6th grade students organize and run a school-wide recycling program.
  • Our Middle School Students annually host Family Fun Night the Friday of Catholic Schools Week. A fun night of carnival-style games, the money raised goes to charities chosen by the Middle School students.
  • Students serving at Mass as altar servers, lectors, and bringing up the gifts.
  • St. Clare Fall Clean Up for students and their families.