St. Clare Of Assisi Celebrates Academic Merit Honor Scholarship Recipient

St. Clare of Assisi congratulates Marek Labenski, recipient of Vail Christian Academy’s 2023 academic merit Honor Scholarship. Marek graduated from St. Clare Of Assisi with the graduating class of 2022-23.

Marek Labenski, Tenley Brasington and Paige Middleton all received scholarships to attend Vail Christian High School. Middleton received the inaugural Heart of an Artist scholarship, and Labenski and Brasington received the seventh annual Honors scholarships. Vail Christian High School/Courtesy Photo

Academic Merit Honor Scholarship
Originally posted in the Vail Daily

The 2023 academic merit Honor Scholarships were awarded to two deserving Eagle County eighth graders: Tenley Brasington of Vail Christian Academy and Marek Labenski of Saint Clare of Assisi. The two winners were chosen on the basis of grades, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, written essays and personal interviews.

The merit-based scholarships provide half-price tuition each year until graduation from Vail Christian High School, totaling over $50,000 per student over four years.

Brasington and Labenski will be part of the school’s incoming freshman class who will graduate in 2027. This is the seventh year Vail Christian High School has awarded the Honor Scholarship to incoming freshmen. Winners must maintain a GPA of 3.75 throughout their four years of schooling and must exhibit strong character and leadership.

“Labenski, the other recipient of the 2023 Honor Scholarship, is described as a gifted writer and kind soul who loves to learn. He is passionate about literature and reading but also excels in all academic areas including math.”

“Rarely have I encountered someone who is so desirous of being challenged in school and who is so quick to learn. He has an incredible ability to take abstract concepts and connect them to his life,” said Sister Mary Mia in her recommendation of Marek.”

St. Clare Lights The Way

St. Clare of Assisi  kicked off their inaugural St. Clare Lights The Way celebration in an effort  to support their year-end fundraising goals for the 2022-23 school year. Guests of the school, parish and community enjoyed a catered dinner, dancing, silent auction and ended the evening with a wonderful speech from our Merit Scholar, Marek Labenski.

“May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” — Psalm 20:4