School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a ministry of the parish school. Its role is to serve as an advisory body to the Pastor and Principal in promoting the mission of  Catholic education at the school.

The Pastor and Principal appoint members to SAC, and SAC consists of no more than nine members. These members are parents of current and alumni students as well as one or two parishioners. The Pastor and the Principal are ex-officio members.  Duties of the SAC are as follows:

  • Promote ministry
  • Develop ownership
  • Enable the Principal to act as educational leader
  • Provide a parent/guardian perspective in a “focus group” setting

SAC is responsible for assisting in planning for the school and meets monthly. Each SAC member serves as a chair or co-chair of a committee:

  • Marketing
  • Enrollment
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Building and Maintenance

Thank you to the members of our school community currently serving on SAC:

  • David Gifford
  • Magda King
  • Maria Ledezma
  • Celynn McClarinnon
  • Sarah Millett
  • Anne Scott

SAC meets monthly, usually the fourth Thursday of the month. Parents wishing to have an item put on the agenda should contact the Principal. Final decisions for all school policies rest with the Pastor. Implementation of these policies is the duty of the Principal.